Java in the tub!

Java is a gorgeous Rottweller who comes in for a warm bath and brushout every month. She is the absolutely sweetest dog who loves her bath and really "leans" into it! Her coat is thick and shiny, you can just tell she gets fed the best of foods and receives super care. I always get tons of love from Java, she truly is a beauty.

A regular groom on short haired dogs like Java can really make a difference. It keeps the coat beautiful and reduces shedding. If you have never had your shorthaired dog professionally groomed I think you would be surprised at how affordable it is.

Grooming can make a big difference!

When our family first adopted our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Baxter, he had been home groomed into what the previous owner had called a puppy cut. He was adorable, yet he looked like a poodle, or a labradoodle, and my husband and I decided we wanted our dog to look like the breed that he is. Wheaten Terriers are typically groomed to have a rectangular head with a long fall of hair over the stop area and a long beard.

You can see how different Baxter looks after I groomed him the first time. His fall is starting to develop and his ears have been shaved. His legs were left a bit longer than the body coat. 
See what a difference a professional groom can do for your dog!